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Arena Parquet

Wholesale Wood Flooring

With more than thirty years in the production of wood flooring and a dedicated Factory,
Arena Group is one of the most respected
wood floor manufacturers and wholesalers in the Northeast of Italy.

We produce and sell parquet flooring at the wholesale and retail levels, and we’re able to realize custom-made wood flooring capable of meeting any standard and need.

Sales and Production of
Hardwood Flooring

Arena Parquet works to be the wood floor supplier of choice for all those companies in constant pursuit of excellence and quality.

Thanks to the selection of the best raw materials, and our recognized expertise and professionalism, our wood flooring factory is able to deliver some of the best wood floorings in Italy, meeting any request for customization, design, and uniqueness, and thus being able to accomplish what standard lines cannot.

This is precisely why we like to call ourselves a “Wood Floor Tailoring Factory” and to state that:


“Meeting the need of every customer is our real Mission.” 

Produzione Pavimenti in Fabbrica

Our Parquet Factory:
Your Wood Flooring Supplier

Arena Parquet manages all woodworking processes, from log cutting and the choice of raw materials to manufacturing and final floor installation. It is only in this way that maximum quality can be guaranteed!

Top-notch workmanship and attention to the environment are the basis of every custom-made wood floor produced by Arena Parquet. We invest in research and innovation, paying close attention to every step in the creation of our custom-made floors, guaranteeing all of our customers a superior product whose beauty will remain unchanged over time.

Verniciatura pavimento in legno
Verniciatura parquet in legno a Trieste
Posa Pavimento in legno
Posa paviemnti in legno a Trieste

Our 2 & 3 Layers Wooden Floors

LineLayersThickness. X Width. X Lenght
(in mm.)
Line 102 Layers10/3 x 150 – 180 x 1000 – 2200
Line 112 Layers11/4 x 90 – 150 x 600 – 2200
Line 132 Layers13/3 x 150 – 200 x 1000 – 2400
Line 142 Layers14/4 x 90 – 240 x 1000 – 2400
Line 163 Layers16/4 x 180 – 300 x 1000 – 3000
Line 203 Layers20/4 x 180 – 340 x 1000 – 3000
Herringbone 90°/ 45°/ 60°Line 1111/4 x 90 – 150 x 510 – 710
Herringbone  90°/ 45°/ 60°Lines 1414/4 x 90 – 150 x 510 – 710

Our Values

Maximum Quality

For our wooden floors, we choose just the best raw materials, sourced from Italy and other European countries, primarily the Dinaric Alps.


Our wood flooring factory uses the latest machinery and technologies to guarantee a fast, reliable, and punctual manufacturing process.


The final processing by hand planing, sawing, brushing, and antiquing adds to our parquet floors that handcrafted flavor typical of the old-fashioned hardwood floors.


To ensure the sustainability of our work, we rely on carefully planned reforestation programs, following an expert and appropriate forestation policy, designed to be effective over time.

Customer Service

We offer "Turnkey" solutions and a full range of services: from tailor-made manufacturing to the final installation, maintenance, and complete restoration of all types of wooden floors.


Arena Group as a wood flooring manufacturer proudly holds 5 different certifications,
certifying its wood flooring as handcrafted and
"100% Made in Italy."

Logo Arena Parquet Trieste
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Wood Flooring Factory & Wholesale

Through its Wood Floor Factory in Trieste, Arena Group has been working in the production and sale of wood flooring at the wholesale and retail levels for more than thirty years, delivering tailor-made solutions capable of meeting any design and production requirement. That’s why we are among the most popular wood flooring suppliers in Northeastern Italy.

All complementary accessory products such as stairs, baseboards, etc. 
are also available through choosing Arena Parquet as a supplier.

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