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Welcome to Arena Parquet’s website, a Trieste-based parquet manufacturer and wholesaler.

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Trieste is a charming city in the northeast of Italy, located between the border with Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea, where time is marked by the lashings of the strong “Bora” wind 
and by the scent of the sea.

Walking through the doorway of our offices in Matteotti street, right in the city center, you’ll have the chance to leave behind you the buzz of the city and enter a totally different world.

Dr. Fabrizio Bettini, an authentic Italian entrepreneur and one of the company’s founding partners, will welcome you and put you at ease in our cozy showroom, where you will experience firsthand our passion for wood flooring in every tiny detail: wooden crafts, inlays of rare beauty, wood panels of superior quality and lots and lots of expertise.

Arena Parquet, a parquet manufacturer and flooring factory, was born in 1993, starting from Fabrizio Bettini’s idea to sum up the expertise of three generations of Italian artisans.  The experience with furniture components,
windows, doors, and of course laminated flooring, naturally flew into a mission:

To sum up decades of acquired skills and creativity into a new form of craftsmanship, to give birth to authentic “tailor-made” wood flooring.

Our Values

All Arena Parquet’s products incorporate the same values that lead every Made in Italy product to reach excellence: professionalism, commitment, and a team of highly trained and specialized artisans.

Today, as never before, the wood flooring industry needs innovation, expertise, and solid customer service; and it’s precisely from these principles that Arena Parquet’s “Tailor-Made” parquet laminate flooring takes form.

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High Quality, Planned Forestry, New Technologies

Arena Parquet pursues high quality in every aspect, also choosing raw materials complying with reliable reforestation programs and sustainability policies.

The wood utilized for our custom-made parquet flooring comes directly from the Dinaric Alps, widely considered one of the most important natural regions in southeastern Europe. 

Controlled cutting of oak, cherry and walnut wood is followed by veneering, sawing, and drying through technologically advanced plants and production lines, always aiming to reach the maximum quality for the final products.

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Authentic Italian Parquet

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Quality Serving Innovation

Solid or Prefinished Wood Flooring

Solid or prefinished 2-layer or 3-layer wood flooring in European Oak, National Walnut, Cherry, Teak, Iroko, or Doussie. Prefinished Wood allows you to request custom thickness according to your needs.


All of our floors can feature UV varnish, acrylic, or oil finishes.

The Color Range

For each finish, Arena Parquet provides a wide range of shades that can meet the most varied requests and needs.

The Processing

The final processing of the wooden parquet adds that artisan flavor to the product: hand planing, sawing, brushing, antiquing...

Some examples of our Custom-Made Parquet Flooring

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Arena Parquet: Italian Parquet Manufacturer and Wholesaler

Arena Parquet specializes in the production and sale of original Italian parquet flooring.

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 we will be happy to help you whether you are a final customer or a company.