Italian Wood flooring

Arena Parquet:

Italian Wooden Flooring

Your Needs, Our Challenges.

Arena Parquet is a Trieste-based company specializing in the production and sale of Italian wood flooring.

Creativity, expertise, and daily requests lead to new challenges, new projects and, consequently, to the achievement of higher levels of performance. Arena Parquet aims to be the reference partner for all those customers who are in constant search of
excellence and maximum quality.

With the endless passion for our work, through our Tailor-made Wooden Floors, we strive to realize the desires of all of our clients, improving their quality of life, and thus producing authentic emotions.


Determination and commitment can lead to success, but earning the trust and satisfaction of every single customer is the real achievement, which repays for all the efforts of a lifetime.


Thanks to its expertise and professionalism, Arena Parquet’s production can meet any requests for customization, resulting in a unique and tailor-made design that standard lines are not capable to reach. 

Meeting every customer’s expectation is Arena Parquet’s main mission.

The Color Range
of Our Wood Floors

Water Based Paints

  1. Champagne
  2. Arctic
  3. Sandy
  4. Milano
  5. Cuoio
  6. Vienna
  7. Cognac

UV Coatings

  1. Ardesia
  2. Creta
  3. New Creta
  4. Venezia
  5. Portland
  6. Sabbia
  7. Vero


  1. Ardesia
  2. Creta
  3. New Creta
  4. Venezia
  5. Portland
  6. Sabbia

Painted floors

Oil painted floors

Wood Essences

  1. Oak
  2. National Walnut
  3. American Walnut
  4. Iroko
  5. Doussie
  6. Teak
  7. Custom


  1. Bevelling
  2. Hand planing
  3. Antiquing
  4. Serration
  5. Restoration
  6. Counterbore
  7. Brushing
  8. Cleaning
  9. Polishing
  10. On demand

Decorative Panels

The traditional old inlays combined with the ease of use of the new pre-finished ones. A line of self-supporting solid wood panels ready to be laid: designs of prestigious workmanship reminiscent of ancient processes yet functional as pre-finished panels mounted in a drawer.

  1. Slate
  2. Crete
  3. New Crete
  4. Venice
  5. Portland
  6. Sand
  7. On demand

Our Services

Tailor-Made Flooring

Custom Italian wood flooring designed around you
and every room
in your home and office,
crafted to fit perfectly,
just like a
tailor-made suit.

Parquet Pose

A "Turnkey" Service arising from expert advice on the choice of the essences and finishes to the installation of the floor, regardless of the level of complexity of your project.


Our experienced parquet artists can provide routine as well as extraordinary maintenance for your wooden flooring: Scraping, Sanding, Painting, Polishing, and Repairs.

Azienda pavimenti su misura
Fabbrica pavimenti in parquet
lavorazione pavimento in legno

Production and Sale of Custom Wood Flooring

With more than 30 years of experience in the parquet industry, Arena Parquet is the one-stop shop and wholesale supplier for buying Italian wood floors and prefinished parquet.

 We take care of every aspect: from assisting customers in choosing the best parquet for their needs to custom manufacturing and floor installation.

Our experienced parquet artists can also provide all the necessary services for parquet maintenance, repair, restoration, and renovation, such as scraping and polishing.